Hi, I am natapart

Natalia is an Australian based artist originally from Colombia. Also a professional visual designer, she plays with many ideas around the practice of design: the use of negative space, the tension created by an edge, oversized shapes, the power of contrast and framing, and clean minimalistic layouts. Her approach to art is experimental and adventurous. She enjoys the process as much as the final result. Sometimes great things come out of so called “accidents”, and as an artist she allows for this to happen and embraces it as an active part of the composition.

Her main sources of inspiration are rock formations and desertic landscapes. She is also interested in how art creates an emotional space: for the artist, for the spectator as well as for the surroundings where it is displayed. An artwork creates a mood. As decorative pieces, some of these watercolours work well as a set, and are also suited for cluster compositions to give a contemporary feel to a space.


A picture is a poem without words