//How to style your apartment this fall.//

March 21 2019
Melbourne, Australia 

I want to share some ideas about how to incorporate the shades of autumn into your home decor. 

Introduce burnt orange and terracotta accents through cushions and table decorations. Use autumn colours sparingly and cleverly but don't overuse it or you can end up looking overstyled.
Photo posted by @hegeinfrance blog.

Pull out your winter throws to cozy up a room. A mix of neutral and earthy colours work well. You can fold them neatly and stack them on a corner of your living room or casually display them open on the couch. 

Photo posted by @potterybarn.

Mix natural tones with modern art. Smaller contemporary pieces are an affordable way to bring an autumn pop to a space. No need to hang them just display on a shelf or table and recline against the wall. Uluru Asteroid art print from original artwork by natapart.  

Use autumn inspired soaps, towels and toiletries. Go for bamboo toothbrushes and wooden toiletries: ecofriendly and muted tone. Photo posted by @hegeinfrance blog.

I would love to see how you introduce autumn colour this year. Tag me @natap.art on instagram or @natapart on facebook.  

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