About Natapart

Natapart is a creative project by Melbourne based artist and designer Natalia Pelaez. who goes under the artistic pseudonym of Natapart. She uses watercolour, acrylic, mix media and digital art to create signature wall art for contemporary homes as well as unique stationery.  She is known for her abstract takes on Uluru and other Australian inspired creations. She mostly uses earth tones to depict the colours of the land and the feminine.

Natapart is originally from Colombia. Also a professional visual designer, she plays with many ideas around the practice of design: the use of negative space, the tension created by an edge, oversized shapes, the power of contrast and framing, and clean minimalistic layouts. Her approach to art is experimental and adventurous. She enjoys the process as much as the final result. Sometimes great things come out of so called “accidents”, and as an artist she allows for this to happen and embraces it as an active part of the composition.

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Image of a Lemon Scented Gumtree trunk and fallen bark



In my paintings, I’m interested in how a thing or place feels rather that how it looks.  An essential part of my painting experience is letting my intuitive eye guide me. I’m not so interested in the details but the overall feeling and mood. As a viewer also, I like to feel art.

I am currently exploring seemingly opposite ideas, such as Minimalism - Maximalism, moody - bright, free - controlled. When I started this project I wanted to have a very tied colour palette and a very cohesive subject matter, but as times goes by I have come to realize that allowing this process to unfold  it as it comes without curating is far more interesting to me as an artist and is allowing my practice to expand and grow organically and from a deeper place within.

My process is like a weave. I work simultaneously on various yarns or directions or I might start by threading something from the past.  I surrender to this messy, inconsistent approach. Art is not rational, it comes from beyond, from above, from below, from within. Sometimes is rooted like a tree, or barely grasped like the faded memory of a dream. I trust the vision, the calling, the pull.

A picture is a poem without words


Bark from my walks

Bark and natural findings

Fallen Eucalyptus leaves

The ground after the rain

Gumtree bark

Gumtree bark

Oversized seed pods

Dried blood oranges